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Racine Horlick Alumni 1965


As you all know, we started a scholarship fund raising effort following the grand 50th Reunion. Kathy (Hanson) Neider reports on the fantastic results of the effort and lists the contributors. Instead of putting that information on the “News” Page, I’ve chosen to put it on the “50th Reunion” Page immediately following this Home Page, because it is so closely related to the Reunion. Please take a look at her closing letter and the list of contributors, following.

Thank you all for continuing to follow the website. Sadly, we’ve also had a number of deaths, since the Reunion in August. You will find the info we have on the In Memoriam Page and the individual pages following. If you have any more details to add, please send to me, and I will update their Horlick legacies.
Well, the "Class of '65" had our 50th reunion in July of 2015, and a grand time was had by all (Well, I know I had a good time, anyway!). Meadowbrook golf, dinner, and dancing were all impressive and many prizes were given away after dinner. All planned events were thoroughly enjoyed by all who participated. See the next page, 50th Reunion for specific information regarding the Big Event.
The "Class of '65" had our 45th reunion in October of 2010, which included a football game and pizza and refreshments following at Mike and Angelo's. A good time was had by all (Well, I know I had a good time, anyway).
The "Class of '65" from William Horlick High School in Racine, Wisconsin had its 40th reunion on 15 October 2005. As always when this class gets together, it was a night to remember (if sober enough - heh, heh, heh!). Don't miss the "Then & Now" page!

Remember our school, fondly...
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It grew, while we were there. Here's 1962 version...
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...And here's the 1965 version, when we matriculated...

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