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Racine Horlick Alumni 1965

Subject: Class of ’65 Scholarship Fund a success!

Greetings Classmates!

I am thrilled to report that the Scholarship Fund Drive, begun right after our 50th reunion, has been a huge success! Thanks to the generosity of our classmates, we have not only surpassed our goal of $3,000, we more than doubled it!

With great pride in the Class of ’65, I delivered checks totaling $7,000 to the office of the Principal at Horlick. Seven scholarships of $1,000 each will be distributed to qualifying and deserving seniors at the Spring Banquet. We asked that they both students seeking university or technical school degrees be considered, and they will.

From my meetings with the school’s administrators, I assure you that these scholarships, given in the name of the Horlick Class of ’65, are greatly appreciated by the administrators, and I have been asked to convey their hearty thanks to all those classmates who reached deep and donated. They told me how helpful they will be for those receiving them.

I would like to give special recognition to classmate Greg Lamb, who donated generously and was so highly enthusiastic about the Scholarship Fund. In fact he contacted me to inquire about our progress only one week before he passed away on January 15th. Thank you, Greg. You will be missed!

Again, hat’s off to all who met the challenge and carried us beyond the goal.

Best wishes to all of our Alums and your mates for a happy and healthy New Year!

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David Acklam
Julie Andersen
Sandra (Robey) Barnes
Constance (Steiner) Boticki
David Borzynski
Gordon Bradshaw
Ross & Caye (Putning) Christensen
Mary Colignon
Claude Covelli
Gail (Den Hartigh) Doughty
William Duvall
Sandra (Martenas) Fugate
Delores (Davis) Gehrand
John Gianforte
Susan (Nelson) Goad
Terry Grumley
KT Haase
Michael Hansen
Paula Hansen
Linda Hulbert
Patricia (Tuinstra) Irwin
Gretchen (Hoyer) Johnson
Art Kimbel
Neil & Lynne (Johnson) Kosterman
Pamela (Pfeil) Krick
Greg Lamb
Tod Linstroth
Gary Lipor
Jacquelyn (Lee) Miles
Joan (Litzkow) Miller
Victoria (Petro) Neely
Ron & Kathy (Hanson) Neider
Richard Odders
Jackie Olson
Mary (DeGarmo) Porcaro
Signe (Bonady) Powell
Rita (Hommerding) Simmons
Lynn (Wuerker) Smittsdorf
John & Cheryl (Schwarm) Welch
Charles Wilde
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CLOSING NOTE FROM THE 50TH REUNION: We had a GREAT TIME at our 50th reunion. We wish all of you could have been there! In case you are wondering about the coloring of this page, I thought I would remind everyone that this was our GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY! For those who could not attend, Kathy Hanson Neider was the leader of the Team that planned and organized all of the events. She has been that leader for us for all of our reunions throughout the past 50 years, and she was crowned Queen of the Reunion in a brief ceremony before the dancing began. She would like to say a few words…

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Well…..the party’s over, and by all the accounts that I’ve heard, it was a good one! Everyone has gone home, and no one has been reported missing. (Wait, let me check my guest quarters!) As you probably know, a successful three day event takes a lot of planning and work by lots of people. Special recognition is due to those classmates who were involved from the very beginning of the process.

A huge thanks to Neil, our webmaster, golf master, communications coordinator, reunion MC and my personal computer guru. You know, the guy with the yellow glasses. I know that he is already missing my frantic phone calls and frequent emails. We couldn’t have pulled this off without him!!

Did you have fun Friday night at the Italian Festival? Thank the masterminds of the event, Ross and Caye Christensen, who planned the evening that jump-started the weekend, not to mention their involvement in every aspect of the planning and work from day one!

And how else would we have recognized each other without the artistic name tags, created painstakingly by our classmate and my new best Hawaiian friend, KT Haase? Thank you for your hours of work. How many times did you hear “You haven’t changed a bit!” Scary, isn’t it?

Thanks to Sue (Sartick) Reinschmidt for coordinating the SC Johnson Tours and the Farewell Brunch and to Lynne (Johnson) Kosterman for the “golden” decorations at the Meadowbrook dinner. A “behind the scene” thanks to Sheri (Israel) Petersen and Gordy Bradshaw for the countless hours spent on the computer locating classmates and to Laura Bernett who served on the committee and is responsible for designing our Horlick Rebel cakes.

And, finally, a thank you to the many others (you know who you are!) who helped in some capacity to make the 50th Reunion weekend such a wonderful trip down memory lane.

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